1. What do I need to bring to the range?
If you have sunglasses or prescription glasses, bring them. If you have hearing, ear protection, bring it. If not, we will provide eye and ear protection at no additional charge.CCW applicants must bring the handgun(s) with proper fitting holster(s), 1, preferably 2 speed loaders and/or 1, preferably 2 extra magazines, and ammunition they wish to qualify with and listed on their CCW permit.  NOTE:  With the recent rush on ammunition sales creating a shortage for some of the most common calibers, we strongly recommend you purchase your ammunition well in advance of the course.
2. May I borrow a handgun from another participant for the CCW course?
No, because you must qualify with the specific handgun(s) you want to have listed on your CCW permit. The training is specialized to make you and your gun(s) a team. Some people do not want to buy a holster because they think they will never use it again. If you are out in the wilderness or a natural disaster occurs, you will be carrying a gun on your hip because law enforcement may not be available for an extended period of time.
3. I've never held a gun before, is the "Basic Handgun" course the one for me?
Yes. This course is designed for the beginner with little or no shooting experiance.

4. Will I be the only woman in the course?
Highly unlikely.

5. Do you offer courses for "Women Only"?
Occasionally, but only when there are enough woman participants to fill a class, the lessons and techniques we teach apply to everyone.
6. Do you provide a handgun for the "Basic Handgun" course range qualification?

Yes.  After you have completed the basic course, we suggest you go to an indoor shooting range that has a large selection of handguns for rent so you can try as many as you like to find the "perfect" gun for you.
7. When I know I what to take the course, what do I do?

Go to the "Course Schedule" page and click on "Registration Form". Once completed, mail registration with your $50.00 non-refundable deposit, check payable to; JOE DIRICKX at Gold Country Firearms, P.O. Box 1906 Jackson, CA. 95642. Course size is limited; please mail your registration with deposit in early to guarantee your seat. Upon receipt of your registration and deposit, you will be contacted to confirm your attendance and answer any last minute questions. Directions to the range will be provided at the completion of the lecture portion of the course.

8. How big are the courses

Course sizes range from a minimum of 10 to no more then 16 participants.  All courses are highly supervised.
9. How long is the course?
This is a one day course, approximately nine hours.
10. Is there a lunch break?
Yes, there is a one hour break for lunch.  You may bring a lunch or there are several fast-food restaurants nearby.

11. What is the minimum age requirement?

21 years of age to participate. This is not a “Hunter Safety” course.
12. May I bring my children with me?
Yes.  Even though they may not activity participate, we encourage parents to bring their children to learn the basics of handgun safety.  Seating is limited so prior notification is mandatory.  PLEASE, we are not a “Day Care”, a disruptive child with their parent will be asked to leave and no refund will be given.

13. Is my B.F.S.C. Still valid in California?

No, the lifetime B.F.S.C. was repealed, they have been replaced by the H.S.C. (Handgun Safety Certificate)

14. Do I need a H.S.C. to purchase a handgun in California and how do I get it?

Yes.  Our course meets both the requirements of The California Department of Justice and California Penal Code Section 12050(a)(1)(B)&(E) to be certified in California. Upon successful completion of the "Basic Handgun" course, you will receive your HSC.

15. How long is the H.S.C. good for?

The HSC must be renewed every five years.

16. How do I dress?

You will be at an outdoor range (no protection from the elements). Wear comfortable clothing, ie. flat shoes, hat, shorts or pants with a proper fitting belt, short-sleeve or tee shirts. Please, no "GI Joe" camouflage pants or shirts

17. What happens if I sign up for a course, mail in my deposit, but can't make it?

Sorry, no refunds on deposits are given.  If you mailed in the total course tuition with your registration, you will receive a refund for the difference.

18. I've been shooting for years, do I need to enroll in the "Basic Handgun" course?

No, however everyone starts with reviewing the basics. Take heart, the course starts with the basics but quickly gathers speed. In the CCW range qualification portion of the course, you will be doing rapid fire (double tap and triple tap) drills.

19. Will my age or a physical disability prohibit me from taking the course?
No.  Many senior citizens have successfully completed the course.  We cannot change the range qualification course of fire, however, if you have a physical disability that limits your ability to jog or kneel, we will modify the physical requirement and/or shooting position of the phase that would require you to do so.

20. If I register more than one person, or sign up for multiple courses, can I get a discount?

No. Fee is on a per person, per course basis.

21. Once I have successfully completed the training course, where do I apply for my CCW Permit?

You apply for your CCW Permit through the Law Enforcement agency that has jurisdiction in the area of your primary residence.  If you live in the rural area of a county, you apply through the Sheriff’s Department, if you live within the “City Limits” of a town, you apply though the Police Department.  NOTE:  The address on your California Drivers License and/or California I.D. must match that of your primary residence.