Mission Statement

ur mission at GOLD COUNTRY FIREARMS is to provide top quality training in the safe storage, handling, proficient application and justifiable use of firearms for the beginner to the advanced shooter. 


Our courses exceed the required training curriculum for both the State of California and the State of Utah to certify a private citizen as having completed a course of study required to apply for a CCW (Carry Concealed Weapon) Permit in California or Utah.  Training is conducted by recognized firearms instructors with Law Enforcement, Military, and/or public firearms training backgrounds in a safe, friendly, and comfortable atmosphere.


Our CCW Firearms Certification course are designed to provide the applicant an opportunity to do more than just meet the minimum requirements of the Law.  Upon completion of the courses, the applicant will have been made familiar with firearms, their function and their use; made aware of the legal, moral, and psychological aspects of the use of deadly force; been instructed in firearms safety rules and safety considerations, and passed a written test. In addition, applicants will have received hands-on firearms training and passed a shooting qualification course on the firing range. Emphasis is on the safe handling of firearms at all times, the proper use of firearms for self-defense and the defense of others, and the lawful application of deadly force.

California and Utah CCW permit requirements include, but are not limited to; (1) legal residency (California only), (2) minimum age, (3) submitting fingerprints, (4) passing a background check, (5) attending and receiving a passing grade from a certified handgun/firearm safety class, (6) certify their proficiency with a firearm at a “live fire” range qualification (accurate shooting from common self-defense distances), (7) and paying  required fees.

 NOTE:  (California - Shall Issue) Successful completion of our course DOES NOT guarantee the issuance of a CCW, you must first be able to articulate "good cause" for needing one.  Training requirements can and do vary from one issuing agency to another, so we suggest you check with the agency you will apply through to confirm our course curriculum meets their training requirements.  All departments are, by statute and case law, required to have written policies which are available to the public upon request.


If you live in a city with a municipal Police Department you apply to them.  In you live in the unincorporated area of a county or a city that contract’s for law enforcement with the County Sheriff’s Department, you apply to the Sheriff’s Department.  Some cities delegate their authority to issue CCW’s to the Sheriff by entering into an agreement called a (MOU) Memorandum of Understanding.  You can contact the appropriate department in person or by mail to request a copy of their CCW Policy and the DOJ Application.