Jon B.
     "very thorough and informative."
 Joe H.
     "instructors are very serious abut safety, I like that."
 Frank M.
     "This Gun class is the best I've ever attended."
 James S.
     "Good class, very informative with  outstanding instructors. Would recommend this class."
 Bernard M.
     "Excellent Class"
 Bill A.
     "Great, well managed and administered course, Enjoyed every aspect."
 Carol F.
     "Joe and crew are outstanding."
 Lorraine M.
     "Excellent course."
 Royal M.
     "Enjoyed the course. Learned new things despite over 40 years experience in shooting sports and competition. Highly recommend course for any level."
 JB F.
     "Very enjoyable course and well taught."
 Thomas S.
     "Very well managed course, would recommend to new as well as experienced shooters to refresh what you may have forgotten"